MacKayla and Rysen's Uptown Columbus Prom Session

Updated: May 11, 2019

MacKayla, the charming and beautiful daughter of a dear friend, invited her friend Rysen to her junior prom. I was thrilled to be asked to take their photos before they went off to enjoy their evening.

This is the fourth school dance for which I've photographed Mac, and by far the most fun. And it was great getting to know Rysen and his parents. It's not hard to see how much fun these two must have every day, and I'm glad they had the opportunity to make this special memory. And I'm glad I was able to document it.

We've named that last photo the Uptown Twirl. This was not the first time we've done Mac's photos in Uptown Columbus, but it was the first time we've spent this much time on Broadway, or gone down to the Riverwalk. This was a request of Rysen's folks, and I think the results speak for themselves. We'll definitely be returning to some of these locations.

It can be challenging for a photographer when a couple isn't a couple; when a date is really just a night shared between friends. My advice would be to let the subjects be themselves; they will adopt the level of closeness that feels right to them, and if any of the photos are misinterpreted by others it's not going to be that big of a deal anyway.

Thanks again to MacKayla, Rysen, and their respective parents for trusting me with this fun, fantastic photo shoot!

To see more of Mac and Rysen's prom photos, view the gallery here.

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